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#NP James Blake - To The Last vs. M.I.A. - atTention Mashup

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Money is the cheapest thing

Bill Cunningham

Studs Terkel interviews Maya Angelou, 1970

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If the Goddess does not exist, we must certainly invent Her.

Pat Califia


Richard Bruce Nugent
Bohemian, Writer, unappreciated Visionary  


Richard Bruce Nugent

Bohemian, Writer, 
unappreciated Visionary  

Doctress Vertamae Smart Grosvenor | KNME

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Emory Douglas

Black Panther Community News Service Zine, 1960s

(Source: moca.org)


Dancing Shiva


Dancing Shiva





Being a sex radical means being defiant as well as deviant. It means being aware that there is something unsatisfying and dishonest about the way sex is talked about ( or hidden ) in daily life. It also means questioning the way our society assigns privilege based on adherence to its moral codes, and in fact makes every sexual choice a matter of morality. If you believe that these inequities can be addressed only through extreme social change, then you qualify as a sex radical…

Pat Califia, Public Sex, p. 11


Shafter.  Photo by Sierra Domino Studio.
Source: http://timarxus.tumblr.com


Shafter.  Photo by Sierra Domino Studio.

Source: http://timarxus.tumblr.com

Pollen Shower

White windowsill, rose necropolis selectively chosen from bushes
in the wilds of East Oakland.
Nimble fingers sheer thorns,
bending, twisting, coaxing
until the stem breaks
shooting sugar all in my palm.
Crinkling with memory
collapsing into disaster.
Each day a sweet tremble of nostalgia for roots.
Each petal floats into forever,
off the the trunk of my tree,
submerged in potion pools
Our skins resuscitate reciprocal heat
basking in moonlight
remembering the misty dew
of our first blossom under sunrise.

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guest post by Akeema-Zane (@kissingtherain)

I arrived; bore between her waning silence and those overlooking the wonder of body travailing spirit. The freshness of her blood stained my entry into the cold of the white room and I screamed, witnessing what resided outside the hollow of her womb….

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Dis-membering the myth of the Stonewall Riots | San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

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